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Sherif Arafa – Civil War

Thembo Kash – Ivory Coast: A missed appointment!

Cote d'Ivoire rendez vous manque

Ivory Coast: A missed appointment!


– Democracy City

Thembo Kash – Come get me

Come get me

Thembo Kash – CNDP AMP Kishasa


1. “Go ahead, I will stay here”
2.”Yes for suit and ties to pass unnoticed.”
3.”Me, I can’t let down the uniform and theAK47 which made our fortune and respectability.”




Thembo Kash – FAR EAST

cartoon Thembo

1. “I am a minority… candidate to the genocide…”
2. “The answer is a small position at the head of the army… in the government…”



Khalid Albaih – Syrian Refugees Die of Cold…

albaih-syrian refugees

Koutawa “KHP” Hamed Prislay – Excerpt from Descente aux Enfers 1992-1997

KHP-descente aux enfers

Ahmed Sahid Nasralla – Attrocities of the Rebels in Siera Leone

Ahmed Sahid Nasralla - Atrocities of the Rebels in Siera Leone

Laércio George Mabota – Metamorfose da Arte

George L Maboto - Matamorfose Da Arte

Lito Silva – Banco de Urgência

Lito silva - banco de urgencia_lrg_crop

[Sign: “Emergency Room”]
Doctor: “My friend, you’re screwed! Here we don’t even have aspirin!…Have you tried Papá Kitoko?…!”
[NB: Papá Kitoko was a popular traditional healer during the civil war in Angola.]

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