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Khalid Albaih – The Perfect Arab Citizen!

Sanouni Imad – Ok …Enough

DATE: 2/9/2018


REPUBLISHED FROM:https://www.facebook.com/caricaturimad/photos/a.595350857231818/1522038131229748/?type=3&theater

Sahar Eissa – Citizen

Xiconhoca – Neighborhood Watch


Text on the wall: “I’m broke. I had so much merchandise!”

Xiconhoca’s thoughts: “Ah, cripe! Business was going so well! The siphoning off operation hardly has anything left! I’ve got to tell my team of Xicos merchants that neighborhood watch really works!”

Talal Nayer – Untitled 11

Abeid Uthman – Killing

Translation: Tell them that we gave you three months! if you have not done our requests, we will kill a citizen every five minutes.

Abeid Uthman – Public Property

Translation: A) Citizen: Do not want someone to wash for you? (Public Property)