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Bahgat Osman – New Terms For The Government

Ahmed Nady – ER

Obe Ess – CONversation (2)

Bethuel Mangena – Then % Now

Xiconhoca – Corruption


Boss: “Let’s see if you can get me a technician who’s works for the government. Promise him we’ll double his salary. We have to win over all the civil servants who work for them.”

Xiconhoca: “Yes, boss, I’m on it. We have a plan for that that’s being put in action as we speak.”

Mustafa Elsheikh – Various Styles of bribery and Corruption

Translation: If you are feeling shy to bribe me while you are fasting. There is another shift after fasting.

Khaled Mawaly – Official ِAnnouncement

Translation: Together to fight corruption and bribery

Tahar Djehiche – President Bouteflika

corruption 4

Ganiyu “Jimga” Jimoh – Pay As You Go Justice


Samuel Muigai – Immunity