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Khalid Albaih – A Blind Leading The Silent

Khalid Albaih – The Perfect Arab Citizen!

Khalid Albaih – Arab League Monitors in Syria

Lito Silva – O Flautista de Hammelin

lito silva-o flautista_lrg_crop

Executioner’s shirt reads: “Indonesia.”
The sign above his head reads: “The Timor Leste Version of the Pied Piper…”

Lito Silva – Missão de Verificação de Conflitos da ONU

lito silva-missao de verificacao_lrg_crop

Sign reads: “United Nations Mission to Verify Conflicts!”
First Man: “…So, you see anything?”
Second Man: “Nope!…”

Lito Silva – ONU Observer

lito silva- onu observer

[Sign above the blind man: United Nations: Witness]
The skull: “They also sent us this guy to witness our conflicts?”