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Ashraf Hamdi – Protection

Translation: We are the ones who protected the revolution but we violated the honour of Egypt.

Ashraf Hamdi – Bus

Translation: The Driver: Who is eles not in the bus? we will be driving soon. (revolution)

Ashraf Hamdi – Aladeen

Translation: Egypt is Confucianismal country. If you do not like it, just leave

Ashraf Hamdi – New Drums

Translation: M) What is the new thing that you are playing with? Now, you should play with the Islamic drum.

Ashraf Hamdi – President of Egypt

Translation: Fraid Aldeeb: Mubarak is still the president of Egypt. Hosni Mubarak…Crawls… Spreads …Kills and Continues…Continues…Continues…Continues

Ashraf Hamdi – Election Campaign Program

Translation: The election campaign program for the candidate Hazem Salah Abu Ismail

Ashraf Hamdi – Business Men

Translation: Go back and repeat the revolution and do the right thing!

Ashraf Hamdi – Balloons

Translation: Why are we going to vote for Omar Suleiman? because we believe in justice and equity with balloons.

Ashraf Hamdi – Imam

Translation: What did the boxes say?

Ashraf Hamdi = Cell Phones

Translation: You have run out of your cell phone credits. ( People )