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Amr Okasha – Big Bottle

Amr Okasha – Dreams in Egypt

Amr Okasha – Why do you hate God?

Amr Okasha – Smoking is Bad

Translation: Light my cigarette, please! “Situations in Egypt”

Amr Okasha – Take a Photo with Meat

Translation: Please another photo! Taking one photo with meat is only 5 pound

Amr Okasha – No Comments

Translation: (No comments) 1- Revolution of January. 2- Revolution of Januar..

Amr Okasha – I am Donkey

Translation: A) The country is very beautiful and quiet. By the way, I am….. B) I know, I know ..without finishing.

Amr Okasha – Interviews

Translation: These people are hypocrites… We give oil to Isreal…They do not like it …we fight them by oil.. also they do not like it.

Amr Okasha – Thug People

Translation: where will you go the sone of the silly mom.. Come to the other side ..the mental hospital is ours…we got orders that we must punish those who are in Tahrir square

Amr Okasha – Mental Hospitals

Translation: Speak now! Are you with Tahrir square people or with those who are from Mental hospitals?