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Ndarama Assoumani – African Union & One Passport

Tayo Fatunla – Aid to Third World

Alphonce Omondi – Kenya&ICC

Daavi – African Union Special Session

AU special session

Guelalo Sila – The African Renaissance

Guelalo Sila Guinee Bisau

Fred “Snoggie” Makubuya – African Union


Ramón Esono Ebalé (Jamón y Queso) – Dictator!

queso - obiang


Background text: Dictator! Dictator! Dictator!

President Obiang caricature: Let’s see, a bit of seriousness, please, gentlemen. Do you think that calling me “dictator” is going to change the country? I have/own what the international community is interested in and you come to me saying I’m a dictator? Good God!

Do something more original! At this time, I will organize five more African Union summits, aside from the ones my ass of a son will organize. What a pitiful bunch of people!

Masoud Junior – African Union

Masoud Junior - African Union

I think this is the right time to increase the knowledge in order to get this car running again!

Nathan “Kijasti” Mpangala – African Union

Kijatsi - African Union

Africa: Considering the size of this door I hope my children will have the chance to be heard.

Voice Inside: The importance of Gaddafi’s opinion is now clear.

Words on the people: “rights,” “AIDS,” “corruption,” refugees,” “hunger,” “tribalism,” “ignorance,” “poverty,” “war”

Donisen Donald – Contradiction between AU and ECOWAS

Contradiction between AU and ECOWAS

Contradiction between AU and ECOWAS

1.” We are condemning bombing of Libya by the UN! No to violence!”
2.”Please UN, come bomb Gbagbo so he is dislodged by force “