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Learn More about Beresford Egan


Beresford Egan was born in London, but moved to South Africa at the age of five. He returned to London in 1926 after spending two years working as a sports cartoonist at the Rand Daily Mail.

He eventually became well established in both the literary and the art worlds. He illustrated not only other novels, but also his own. He also wrote three plays, composed songs, undertook theater criticism and did caricatures. He appeared in the British movie “Latin Quarter” as well as other movies.

Beresford is remembered for being a British exponent of art deco and was well known in London’s bohemian scene for nearly five decades. He died in London in 1984.


These books were either written by or partially written by Beresford Egan.

The Sink of Solitude. Hermes Press, 1928.
Policeman of the Lord. Sophistocles Press, 1929.
Pollen. Denis Archer, 1933. (Re-issued with extra material by Side Real Press, 2013)
No Sense in Form. Denis Archer, 1933.
But the Sinners Triumph. Fortune Press, 1934.
Epitaph. Fortune Press, 1943.
Epilogue. Fortune Press, 1946.
Bun-Ho!. Floris Bakeries, 1959.
Storicards. Barrigan Press, 1960.