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Learn More about Anselme Razafindrainibe


Anselme Razafindrainibe (1956-2011) was a well known comic artist in Madagascar. He published two successful albums of cartoons, Retour d’Afrique and Putain d’Afrique, and began Madagascar’s first satirical newspaper, Sarigasy. Razafindrainibe, or Anselme as he signed his cartoons, was recognized internationally for his work and was awarded the first prize in the International Comics Festival in Nairobi (1985). Tragically, Anselme died on February 2, 2011, just a few years after his brother, Aimé Razafy (whose cartoons can also be found on the Madagascar section of AfricaCartoons), passed away. Both were accomplished cartoonists and illustrators.

  • Razafindrainibe, Anselme. Retour d’Afrique. Brussels: Centre du Monde, 1999.
  • Razafindrainibe, Anselme. Putain d’Afrique. Paris: l’Harmattan, 2011.

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