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Learn More about Eric Andriantsialonina


Eric Andriantsialonina, also known as Dwa, is a cartoonist and comic strip artist. Andriantsialonina won the Africa e Meiterraneo award for best unpublished comic strip by an African author, in the “Sport” section for 2009-2010. Andriantsialonina has published his comics and cartoons in more than five albums, as well as in the Malagasy weekly Ao Raha and the Mauritian paper Express Junior. He has debuted his work in exhibitions and has collaborated on a comic book with Pov, another well-known Malagasy cartoonist.


A selection of Andriantsialonina’s publications can be found below.

  • Pov & Dwa. Mégacomplots Á Tanarive. La Réunion: Des Bulles Dans L’Océan, 3/04/2012.
  • Dwa. “Par amour” in Anthology of the Africa e Mediterraneo Award, 2005-2006.

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