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Learn More about Samah Farouq


Samah Farouq is one of the only women working openly in Egypt’s cartooning scene. While she is determined to break down gender barriers and discrimination, she does not limit herself to cartooning only about one issue. At first, Farouq found it difficult to break into the male world of cartooning, but she now works at the newspaper Al Massaiya producing their daily cartoons. Recently, Farouq gained notoriety when her cartoons were banned from an exhibition by Sawy Culturewheel for being critical of the Muslim Brotherhood, to which she responded with a public protest against the Sawy Culturewheel and what she called the “Brotherhoodisation of the state” (1).

(1): Rana Muhammad Taha, “Banned Cartoonist Protests against ‘Brotherhoodisation.'” Daily News Egypt, 8 January 2013.