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Learn More about Koutawa “KHP” Hamed Prislay


Koutawa Hamed Prislay, better known by his pseudonym KHP or KHP205, was born in Brazzaville in 1979. From 1995-1997, KHP studied painting at the Ecole de Peinture de Poto-Poto in Brazzaville. Arguably one of KHP’s most well-known albums, Descente aux Enfers 1992-1997, a response to the civil war, was originally drawn with only a ballpoint pen. The album was fully realized during KHP’s participation in several workshops and subsequent exhibitions on cartooning at the French Cultural Center in Pointe-Noire. The workshops became the cartooning collective “Ponton BD.” From Descente aux Enfers, KHP has continued cartooning and has recently produced the album, Le Chemin de “Si Je Savais” focused on the issue of AIDS.

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