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Learn More about Moniri M’Baé

Moniri M’Baé’s blog: littlemomoworld


Moniri M’Baé’s work reflects his childhood and life growing up and traveling in Madagascar, Reunion, Comoros, and France. M’Baé studied fine arts in France and began his cartooning career with the Reunion satrical and comic journal Le Cri du Margouillat, where he published the cartoon series, Little Momo. Although M’Baé is still involved with Le Cri du Margouillat, he has published the cartoon series “Double Pote” in Je Bouquine and other cartoons and illustrations have been published in magazines such as Thermostat, Le Mutant, and La Brochette. He has also been the illustrator for the children’s book Carnet de Transylvanie and the CD, Le Bal des Animaux.

  • Pichot, Benjamin and Moniri M’Bae (ill.). Carnet de Transylvanie. Comité des Jumelages d’Angoulême. 2009
  • Rosenfeld, Alain and Moniri M’Baé (ill.). Le Bal des Animaux. Saint-Gilles-Les-Hauts: Zébulo Éditions, 2011.

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