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Learn More about Joseph-Désiré Nduwimana


Joseph-Désiré Nduwimana is one of the only BD cartoonists publishing in Burundi, where (as of 2013) there are no dedicated publishers of BD cartooning (except for religious cartoons) and little opportunity to work with other cartoonists in the country. Nduwimana, however, has succeeded in using his cartooning in development projects as well as for two magazines, Iteka and La Source de L’Espérance. He has also published several albums of cartoons, including Sahabo, Kagabo, and Non à Violence.

  • Nduwimana, Joseph-Désiré. Non à la Violence: Bande Dessinée de Sensibilisation Contre Les Violences Faites Aux Femmes et Aux Enfants – Tupige Vita Uhalifu. Bujumbura: Bureau de la Coopération Suisse au Burundi, 2007.

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