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Learn More about Hervé Alladayè alias Hodall Beo

The activities of Hervé Alladayè, who sometimes sign under the alias Hodall Beo, are multiple but he is primarily a caricaturist renowned in several newspapers in Benin. After drawing for “Le point au quotidien”, his caricatures are published in “Le Progrès”. He is Secretary-General of the Benin-Drawing Bureau. The humor and talent he has always shown in his press drawings have earned him the 2nd prize at the Yaoundé Caricatures Festival at the Fescary 2002. Illustrator of books, he has already signed: Funny twins with Felix Nitwé (Edicef / The Flamboyant, Paris 2000), Coco cut to the zero ball with Michèle Nardi, (Ceres Editions), Rose-Fleur, with Koffivi Assem, (Editions Ruisseaux d’Afrique in 2001), Kaïvi the child placed on a text by Beatrice Lalinon Gbado (Cérès Éditions, 2002). He is also a screenwriter and has published several comics on author’s behalf, including Chiottes and peanuts in 1999, and especially Les zémidjans protest in 2000, a tasty humorous report in eight comic strips on motorbikes that crisscross Cotonou (COPEF printing press).  which was a great success. Hervé Alladayè was part of the exhibition “The heroes of the Beninese comics” organized in April 2006 by the French Cultural Center of Cotonou to honor 10 Beninese cartoonists. Among his many exhibitions of paintings, we will remember “Mutation” in 2000 at the Media Gallery of the Mediatheque Diasporas of Cotonou.