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Z – Nothing New on the Horizon

Z Wikileaks nothing new on the horizon dec32010

Wikileaks unmasks the Tunisian regime
Julian Assange: “OH!…it really stinks!”

Z – Tunisian Volcano

Z Tunisia a volcano on the verge of explosion Dec292010

Tunisia: A volcano on the verge of eruption
Volcano: “I have been unemployed for 10000 years…”

Z – Al-Nahda’s Rachid Ghannouchi

Z Sheik Dracullah. Rachid Ghannouchi, Nahda's leader, is depicted in less than flattering light

Z – Psychosis

Z Psychosis J-7 oct162011 (1)

7th day of the Hajj…

Z – Nasty Hangover

Z nasty hangover oct242011 Tunisia progressive flabbergasted

Progressive Tunisia flabbergasted!
Man: Ah, shit.

Z – Politicians Crowd Behind Ghannouchi

Z moving toward a govt of national interests. At a table emblazoned with the Islamic cresent politicians crowd behind mr Ghannouchi

Z – Tunisia’s Water Breaking

Z imminent delivery oct222011 Tunisia loses water

Imminent birth of the first Arab democracy!!
Reporter: “So doctor? Will it be a bearded or a veiled one?”

Z – Al-Nahda Supporters

Z Hadj Tunisia election won by islamists. The Kaaba in Mecca is transformed into a ballot box surrounded by voters supporting Nahda the islamist part that won a majority in the elections

Z – Exodus Soon?

Z Exodus Soon_ The cartoon appeared several weeks before the Tunisian dictator fled

Z – Mecca Pilgrims in Support of Ben Ali

strange cult in mecca pilgrims begging ALi to contest in 2014 nov202010

A mysterious cult profanes Mecca!