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Abdallah – Work

Titi Faustin – The Cop of Gnasville


The Cop of Gnasville

– “Gnasville, city of the atlantic coast of Africa”

– “Gnaville, police station”

– “Kankou, police officer for twenty years in Gnaville police station, reminisces his career at the eve of his retirement.”

Abdou Adji Moussa – Washing Dishes


H.E. Winder – Back to Work

H.E. Winder- Back to Work cartoon

Joseph Ngari – Urgent

joseph ngari_Urgent

Petros Kahsai – Prison

petros kahsai-prison

Sergio Picarra – Cartoon Seven

sergio picarra - mankiko 4


Panel 1

Man: Work, work. The stuff they come up with!

Panel 2
Man: How much more can we do?

Mac Tee – Cruising on the Gulf Stream

Mac Tee - Cruising on the Gulf Stream

Retin – Keeping Busy


“Helloooo! It’s just that I’m in the middle of traffic. You know how it is during this year-end period.”

Sérgio Zimba – Nas Vésperas do Ide Mubarak

Sergio Zimba - Vesperas de Ide Mubarak

Upper Caption: There are people who do not know it’s a sin to be dishonest and opportunistic, taking advantage of sacred ceremonies. . .

Woman: Peace be upon you (greetings), General Director. I’m here to tell you that tomorrow I can’t come to work. I want to take part in the end of Ramadan celebrations. May god protect you. Amen, amen, amen!

General Director: Forget your “peace-be-upon-yous” and tomfoolery, Macaringue. If you don’t come tomorrow, I will kick you out on the street! Out!