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Tahar Djehiche – Terrorism


Tahar Djehiche – Comoros


Yacouba Diarra (alias Kays) – Islamic group

Kays drink with friend

Islamic attack

– Person 1: “I’m drinking to forget the coming of islamic groups”
– Person 1: “Are we taking the last drink?”
– Person 2: “I prefer be killed by the wine than receive a gun shot in the head”

Siham Zebiri – No Peace


Lassane Zohore – Actuel et Futur

Cartooning for peace 4

Lassane Zohore – Cartooning for peace 3

Cartooning for peace 3

Lassane Zohore – Cartooning for peace/Charlie Hebdo

Cartooning for peace _Marathon

Mahamane Sani Djibo – Boko Haram terrorist group

Sam_Boko haram

Person 1: “I promise you that Boko Haram will have her tomb in Niger!”
Person 2: “Nice joke!”

Mahamane Abdoulaye – Issifou goes to war against Boko Haram

Ab_Boko haram

Issifou goes to war against Boko Haram


Boukari Bachir Bahaman – Boko Haram in Niger

M_Boko Haram


– Person 1: “The army of Niger will conduct and win the war against Boko Haram…”

– Person 2: “Yeah the war against Boko Haram…! When would be the war against the high cost of living

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