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Micky Junior – Development

Mickey Junior - Progress

Panel 1:
Man: In other countries the citizens pay taxes to support development for the good will of the people.
Woman: But here in Tanzania they use guns and batons. Until we come to see development for all the people in the country they will be getting hurt and dying.

Panel 2:
Man: Our development is expensive cars for government servants!
Woman: But the roads won’t be reconditioned until we can request loans or assistance.

Sérgio Zimba – IURD

Sergio Zimba - IURD


Man in uniform in the foreground is wearing a cap that represents the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (UCKG, or, in Portuguese, “IURD”) and a money pouch prepared to receive both dollars and meticais (the currency of Mozambique)

Woman I: Did you see that, Yvonne? He’s collects money for the Universal Church.

Woman II: Don’t be so cynical. Maybe he’s from a place called the “Universal Institute of Racking Up Funds.”