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Khalid Albaih – Palestinian Terrorists

Dina-Abdelgawad-Teachers on Strike

Translation: Dad, give me some money.By the way, teachers on strike only at schools not with private lessons.

Samuel Muigai – Private Practice

muigal-private practice

Samuel Muigai – Campaign Funds


Dante Besong – Sentencing Strikers

Dante Besong - Sentencing Strikers

Lito Silva – A Greve

lito silva - para quedas_lrg_crop

First Man: “Grrr! Are these pilots coming or not?!?”
Second Man: “They are all *&!@*! Pfff…mmH!!
Third Man: “Either they finish their strike or I’ll finish them…
[In the lower panel, the tag says “Parachute”]