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Bahgat Osman – New Terms For The Government

Ashraf Hamdi – Smoking

Translation: Smoking destroys brain cells

Amr Okasha – Smoking is Bad

Translation: Light my cigarette, please! “Situations in Egypt”

Masoud Junior – Smoking

Masoud Junior - Smoking

Tell my friend to stop smoking!
– Yeah right!
I had a friend who used to smoke… and every time he farted, smoke came out!

Ndrematoa – Cigarettes



  • 1.”Okay, I will stop smoking!”







  • 2.”It is neither for headache, nor for respiratory disorder right?!”






  • 3.”But for the back pain it gives me when I pick up the butts (cigarette butts)”




Amr Okasha – Against Smoking

Amr Okasha - Against Smoking