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Masoud Junior – Fortune Teller

Masoud Junior - Fortune Teller

Panel 1:
Person 1: Listen Bonge, I would make a great fortune teller!
Person 2: I want you to predict…
Panel 2:
Person 1: Ok, first of all, your father is male!
Person 2: Hey that’s enough!

Masoud Junior – Health

Masoud Junior - Health

Panel 1:
Person 1: Shamasha, are your father and mother in good health back home?
Person 2: Ehh wait a second…
Panel 2:
Person 2: first of all, I don’t have the power to control their health while it’s in the hands of god!
Person 1: Huh?!

Masoud Junior – Two People

Masoud Junior - Two People

Panel 1:
Man 1: Hey people! How are you all doing?
Woman: Huh? Is he crazy or what?
Panel 2:
Man 2: So she doesn’t know that they are two people or does he pretend?
Man 1: Yes even I was asking myself…

Masoud Junior – Cow Dung

Masoud Junior - Cow Dung

Panel 1: Who put this cow dung here?
Panel 3: Who do you think produces cow dung every day?

Masoud Junior – Lawncare

Masoud Junior - Lawncare