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Jimmy Spire Ssentongo- come and see

Albert Ohams – Conditional suicide mission

Albert Ohams – Citizen joe# 80

Bethuel Mangena – Women’s rights

Vic Kasinja – Men Make Fun of Women in Skimpy Dresses

Vic Kasinja - Men Make Fun of Women in Skimpy Dresses

Ramón Esono Ebalé (Jamón y Queso) – Violencia de Género

queso - violencia de genero


Panel 1

Pedro is a man who has a great, big problem. He doesn’t respect women. . . “They’re the devil,” he says.

Panel 2

Every afternoon, after work, he goes by the bar and has a few beers.

Pedro: That bitch is gonna hear from me.

Panel 3

Upper caption: He’s a calm guy and well educated…

Pedro: That stupid bitch. . .

Lower caption: But he doesn’t like his job much

Panel 4

Pedro: She’s an idiot. I don’t know who she thinks she is but today she’s going to hear from me.

Caption: Deep down, what’s happening with Pedro is that someone much more intelligent than him is living in his house.

Panel 5

Caption on left: We’ll see who wears the pants in this house.

Lower text: The other thing is that Pedro hates going home and having to face that person and he prefers going to the bar to have a good time

Caption on right: She thinks she’s so smart. Today we’ll see about that.

Nyemb Popoli – Marital Bliss


– “Darling, I’m going to scoot over to the school under the tree! You watch the pot that’s on the fire!”
– “What? I’ve become your slave? If I was close to you I would have slapped you!”

Nyemb Popoli – Politicians


“A [female] politician! Haha! Between you and your husband ‘whose on top’?