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Floli Canido – Tóni & Tintino 3

Toni is the fairy of Tintino and…Awa Mato Luxury Spa from Mali ehhh.
Toni: “You are too cheerful, Tintino! Have you won all this?”
Tintino: “As the other said, ‘who sings, their devils…'”

Floli Canido – Tóni and Tintino 2

Tintino: “Toni! How long have you been blind?”
Toni: “Since…12 July 1975, Tintinto.”
Tintino: “12 July 1975…hmmm…was it by choice?!”

Floli Canido – Tóni & Tintino 1

Tintino: “Toni!! I got my driving license for motorcycles. I could pass as a biker.”
Toni: “The bike is missing, isn’t it Tintino?”
Tintino: “Well…as a campaign activist…who knows!!…”