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Sahar Eissa – Sugar Crisis

Translation: Sugar crisis, This country does not have anything sweet

Sahar Eissa – We All Equal Under Law

Translation: There is no difference between Muslim and Christian. All are equal under the law.

Sahar Eissa – Economic Reform

Sahar Eissa – New Year’s Dream

Translation: New Year’s Dream: One kilo of lentils, one kilo of sugar, get my medications and one milk for my kid.

Sahar Eissa – Future in Egypt

Translation: A) How do you see yourself in 2017? B) On the other sidewalk

Sahar Eissa – Medication Crisis

Translation: Do you want antibiotics?

Sahar Eissa – Reshuffle

Translation: The tall one steps behind and the short one steps forward

Sahar Eissa – Women Abuse

Sahar Eissa – Black Terrorism

Sahar Eisaa – Egyptian Dreams