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Sérgio Zimba – As Camisinhas (Condoms)

Sergio Zimba - condom

Upper Caption: “Condoms” or “rubbers” are very delicate items. They have an expiration date and should only be used once.

Woman advertising her wares in a pidgin (a mix of an indigenous African language and Portuguese): Used condoms for sale! Four for 500 meticais (the local currency).

Lower Caption: Wow! If this trend picks up, we’ll really be in trouble. Is there anything we won’t sell in this country?

Sérgio Zimba – Abstinence

Sergio Zimba - HIV

Upper Caption: One of the ways to avoid getting infected with HIV/AIDS is sexual abstinence, but it’s very difficult for those who have already tasted the forbidden fruit. . .

Man (praying, with a visible erection): My God, it’s been three months that I’ve been abstaining but I can’t stand this any longer. Please give me the strength to resist [temptation]. I don’t want to get AIDS! Amen!

Lower Caption: If he weren’t afraid of ruining his fingerprints, he might resort to masturbation.

Vic Kasinja – Taxina: Safe Sex

Vic Kasinja - Safe Sex