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Bennet Omeke – Our Politicians Keep Rigging



This is a cartoon on voters’ apathy. People are seen talking on the street on why they see no point in voting because they believe politicians rig elections and their votes do not count. In agreement, a woman says all she uses her voter card for is to tender it as an identity card at her bank.

Adeeko Olusegun – I Will Rig Election…

In this cartoon, there is a woman and a boy talking. The woman finds a teachable moment in a statement made by Governor Abiola Ajimobi of Ọ̀yọ́ state. According to the governor, his political party, the All Progressives Congress (APC) “won’t rig [election] for anybody”.

The woman wants the child to practice his English language skills by asking him to convert “I will rig election” into future tense. The poor boy instead thinks the woman implies that she would rig election and he replies that she would go to jail.

In a way, this is a didactic cartoon. It seems to be teaching adults and young children about what should happen if someone takes part in fraudulent electoral activities.

Alastair Findlay – Oh snap!

YUSUF BEN BARRY – November 11, 2001

Oscar - 11 Novembre 2001 copy

November 11th, 2001

– Person 1: “Koutoubou! Yet,…. What embarrassment for good choice, again? My God, this country?!”


– November 11, 2001 on (the box)


“Legislatives” “Legislatives” (signs)

YUSUF BEN BARRY – Referendum Fund

Caisse referendaire

Referendum Fund

– Person 1: “Koutoubou! Yet….this fight became loud and clear now, Go! My God this country!”



YUSUF BEN BARRY – The lesson of “YES”

Oscar - La Lecon de l'oiu copy

The lesson of “Yes”

– SIDI… But in Campaign

The Lesson of “the Yes”

– NO + NO = YES

– Person 1: “Is it for the referendum?”

– Person 2: “Which referendum?”

– Person 2: “WE Said Campaign for the YESS at the referen…DONNE(GIFT)

oh..Oh oh, foolish!”


Oscar - la loi est sucree copy

Title: YES= 100%

– “Koutoubou! Yet…., Who said He CAN? My God, this country?”

– Referendum: YES=100%


YUSUF BEN BARRY – The Pipe of the Peace!

Oscar - Le Kaloumet de la Paix copy

The “Kaloumet”(Pipe) of the Peace!


– Person1: “If you bet all of this, you will win everything…”

– Person 2: “Even the job?”

–  Person 3: “Me, I don’t care…!”

– Yesss/Re-YES

YUSUF BEN BARRY – Referendum

Oscar - Mais Oui copy

 That’s right (But Yes)

– Person 1: “Why not”
–  “But Yessssss  Yessss;  Wouiii PAN”

– “Koutoubou! No, Yet… that REFERE…DONNE (meaning GIVE), it’s all YES… Cooked…Cooked, Go!”

– Person 2: “Help !.. We won!”


YUSUF BEN BARRY – Referendum results

Oscar - Oui copy

Referendum results

– Person 1: “the population is happy!”



NO + NO  = YES


– Person 2: “KOUTOUBOU No, But…well! What is this story of DESTINY! We are seeing this again. My God, this country?!