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Naoufal Lahlali – Tunisia

Abdellatif Zeraidi- The Dairy Cow

Translation: Out!

Abdellatif Zeraidi- Revolution

Abdellatif Zeraidi- War against Poor People

Shazely Belkamesa-Leave Now

Ahmed Tantawy – Revolution of Anger

Translation: Rescue Front + presidencey (oil) = Revolution of Anger.

Ashraf Hamdi – Protection

Translation: We are the ones who protected the revolution but we violated the honour of Egypt.

Ashraf Hamdi – Bus

Translation: The Driver: Who is eles not in the bus? we will be driving soon. (revolution)

Ashraf Hamdi – Mask

Translation: Distortion of Revolution. There are multiple claims that young people of Tahrir square behave disruptively. M) What a nice thing! Ok, How I can kiss now

Amr Okasha – No Comments

Translation: (No comments) 1- Revolution of January. 2- Revolution of Januar..

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