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Abdellatif Zeraidi- The Dairy Cow

Translation: Out!

Abdellatif Zeraidi- Revolution

Abdellatif Zeraidi- War against Poor People

Shazely Belkamesa-Leave Now

Ahmed Tantawy – Revolution of Anger

Translation: Rescue Front + presidencey (oil) = Revolution of Anger.

Ashraf Hamdi – Protection

Translation: We are the ones who protected the revolution but we violated the honour of Egypt.

Ashraf Hamdi – Bus

Translation: The Driver: Who is eles not in the bus? we will be driving soon. (revolution)

Ashraf Hamdi – Mask

Translation: Distortion of Revolution. There are multiple claims that young people of Tahrir square behave disruptively. M) What a nice thing! Ok, How I can kiss now

Amr Okasha – No Comments

Translation: (No comments) 1- Revolution of January. 2- Revolution of Januar..

Amr Okasha – Thug People

Translation: where will you go the sone of the silly mom.. Come to the other side ..the mental hospital is ours…we got orders that we must punish those who are in Tahrir square

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