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Jock Leyden – The Cop

Jock Leyden- The Cop cartoon

Moniri M’Baé – Malik (excerpt)


Moniri M’Baé – Malik (excerpt)
  • 1.”Hey, I’m Malik”; “I am the Boss of the Academic supports and for proof….”
  • “I am not a dealer but my method is widely recognized”
  • “Anyway, I will show right now”
  • “You need to put pressure on the trigonometry MC YORK!”
  • 2.”Listen to me carefully Malik. First, the pressure, it is on you I am gonna put it if this week I don’t get a good grade in all your courses. Second, you’re gonna deal with Bulldozer if that doesn’t change”
  • 3.”Hum!… I’m in trouble again, I need to find FISSA to solve this otherwise I’ll be directly at the Hosto (hospital)…And this bastard of YORK is not joking at all”