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Laobis Obilonu – SARS…Flashback

Laobis Obilonu – Wanted Wanted Wanted

Niyi Aragbaola (NEARO) – S.A.R.S. Officials Harass People with Tattoo

Tarek Benbaba – Police Officers

Fred “Snoggie” Makubuya – Police Brutality

Snoggie, Police Brutality

Donisen Donald – Encore des raffles a Lome

Encore de rafles a Lome

Yet Havoc in Lome


1. “This is an arbitrary arrest! What did I do? Let me go…!”


2. “The fact that you were at Akodesewa (an urban city of Togo) is a sufficient motif. So, shut it up!”


3.”Me, I am orphan..!”

Dod-Zi – Galons Dorés Pour Les “Gazeurs”!

dod-zi-galons dores pour les gazeurs

Dod-Zi – Golden Grades for “gazers”!
  • 1.”Soldier ZAGLAMATON, by virtue of the powers to us conferred, we hereby declare you top gassers of the church of St. Augustine Amoutieve”
  • 2.”Thank you Chief”
  • 3.”Great! If needed to gazer Jesus himself, don’t hesitate!”
  • 4.”Congratulations! Continuous in this way Soldier! But do not into Mosques hein?
  • Dod-Zi – La Guerre a Commencéé

    dod-zi-panpan rannn la guerre a commence

    Dod-Zi – The war started

    • 1.”Soldier Zaglamaton! The war became very rude! we need to lunch teargas”
    • 2.”Wait a minute, I am blinding the peppers we need to put in”
    • “DEKON”(Neighborhood)