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Nathan “Kijasti” Mpangala – African Union

Kijatsi - African Union

Africa: Considering the size of this door I hope my children will have the chance to be heard.

Voice Inside: The importance of Gaddafi’s opinion is now clear.

Words on the people: “rights,” “AIDS,” “corruption,” refugees,” “hunger,” “tribalism,” “ignorance,” “poverty,” “war”

Lydia Paul – Nyerere’s Shoes too Big for Mandela?

Lydia Paul - Nyerere's Shoes too Big for Mandela 

…MH! Since you are the champion of mediation in Africa, do you think that boot will fit your!?!

Kenny Adamson – OAU Coup Clause

Kenny Adamson - OAU Coup Clause

Ali Masoud – Africa’s Laggage

Masoud Kipanya - OAU Hands Over to AU!

OAU:I’ve met so many difficulties before I reached the top of this hill with this luggage. Now it’s your turn to drive downhill.
The mouse: Mh ! The luggage is heavy and the slope is steep!
T-shirt: OAU (Organization of African Unity)
Luggage: debts, war, aids, hunger, lacking education
Road sign: Development