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Laobis Obilonu – APC Lawmakers Defect to PDP

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Awosiyan Segun – Defections: What’s in it for the Citizens…

As politicians defect from one political party to another in their race towards 2019, this cartoon asks what Nigerian citizens would gain from the choice of politicians to defect. Unsurprisingly, the interest of the masses and national interest are inconsequential. Politicians’ personal interest, according to Awosiyan Segun, is almost always the number one factor driving the choice to defect.

Awosiyan Segun – Easy to Defect from One Party to Another…

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) that was once rejected by members of the Nigerian political elites seems to be the same party they are running to for refuge. In previous cartoons, we have talked about how members of the PDP defected in 2013 and form the All Progressives Congress (APC).

It’s, however, funny that just after 5 years, some of those defectors are back again in PDP jostling for a good grip of the umbrella – logo of the PDP.

Overall, this cartoon is a commentary on politicians self-interest and how easy it is for politicians to defect to a different party.

Awosiyan Segun – 2019 rAPC vs APC…



The All Progressives Congress (APC) is the ruling political party in Nigeria. The party formed in 2013 as a coalition of aggrieved members of other political parties. Members of Congress for Progressive Change (CPC, with a large following in the North), Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN, popular in the South West), and some aggrieved members of the incumbent (in 2013) People’s Democratic Party (PDP) agreed to form an alliance that would wrestle power from PDP.

As the 2019 elections draw nearer, certain members of the APC are being considered as threats to the victory agenda of the party. Seeing this, those members decided to call themselves Reformed APC (rAPC). This is what this cartoon reveals, showing two brooms (the logo of the APC). The difference between the two, however, is that one broom is bulkier than the other. The bulky broom is the APC in its original state. The non-bulky one represents what has become of the APC as some of its strands are falling off. Those strands, one may argue, are the aggrieved APC members (rAPC) who are trying to dissociate themselves from some of the allegations of corruption leveled against some APC leaders.