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Nick Mtui – Bush Life

Nick Mtui - bush-life

See if he robs of life of the bush

Nick Mtui – Bajeti Za Ombaomba

Nick Mtui - Beggars' Budget 

Beggars’ Budgets; who should laugh at who!?

  1. Beggar: “Help me a poor man!”
    (I think the best thing is to marry a third wife…)
  2. Rich man: “Help me a poor man!”
    (Here 1.5 Billion will go to charity work and 8.5 Billion will build my palace!)

Nick Mtui – World Family Day

Nick Mtui - World Family day 

World Family Day, May 15, 2001

Staircase 1 (left) – Social problems

Staircase 2 (center) – Economic problems

Staircase 3 (right) – Cultural problems

Dialogue box – The family is the centerpiece of everything in the society. Therefore, a good family makes a good society.

Nick Mtui – Which Language for a United Africa!

Nick Mtui- Which language for a United Africa 

4th Box (Swahili): But I cannot understand what he is saying!

Bottom (Swahili) -right: For a true African Unity, it requires one language.

Top-right (French) – I don’t know!