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Mustafa Elsheikh – Donlad Trump?

Mustafa Elsheikh – Salary Raise Only for Ministers

Translation:(parliament house agrees on giving a raise for ministers). Let’s gather and stand up with each other because I think million of Egyptian people will jinx us.

Mustafa Elsheikh – Media & Flood

Translation: (officials fail to cope with rain).Your Majesty, the media exaggerate a little bit

Mustafa Elsheikh – North & South Korea!

Translation: North, South leaders meet. Man: Shame on you Fawazia, North and South Korea have just met.

Mustafa Elsheikh – Facebook Engineer Spy on Women

Mustafa Elsheikh – Anti-Corruption Commission

Translation:Bureaucracy – Corruption – Investor.

Mustafa Elsheikh – University Professors in Egypt

Translation: Urgent action form the government to better university professors’ income. Man: Thank God for helping me.

Mustafa Elsheikh – True Love Story

Translation: Do you have any specific conditions before both get married? Man: Yes, If we take the metro, each one of us pays their ticket.

Mustafa Elsheikh – Metro Station Now in Egypt

Translation: Any one of you will get a full grade in exams, will take the metro.

Mustafa Elsheikh – Trump and New Middle East

Translation:( The Middle East ): I am the one who relocated the embassy.