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Abdallah- Muslim Brotherhood

Sherif Arafa – Muslim Brotherhood Eat Youth Revolution

Sherif Arafa – Masks (Muslim Brotherhood)

Ahmed Tantawy – It is Closed

Translation: Muslim Brotherhood Constituation 2012: It is Closed for renovation.

Ahmed Tantawy – My Government

Translation: Egypt, Muslim Brotherhood, The Government.

Ahmed Tantawy – Egypt VS Muslim Brotherhood

Translation: Governemnt: yeaa, is someone saying anything? who? where? no, not me

Ahmed Tantawy – Prices, Government, Citizen and Muslim Brotherhood

Translation: Prices, Government and Citizen. Muslime Brotherhood: gooooooooood, you deserve it ……goooooood

Abeid Uthman – Extremism

Translation: Muslim Brotherhood: Al Qaeda, Daesh

Yacouba Diarra (alias Kays) – Islamic group

Kays drink with friend

Islamic attack

– Person 1: “I’m drinking to forget the coming of islamic groups”
– Person 1: “Are we taking the last drink?”
– Person 2: “I prefer be killed by the wine than receive a gun shot in the head”

Yacouba Diarra (alias Kays) – Sharia

La charia au Mali (kays)


– Person 1: “We are applying Sharia law!”

– Person 2: “…Help!!”