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Henrique Abranches – Diabo Do Quim


Diabo Do Quim (“That Damn Quim”), Words: H. Abranches, Drawings: Armando Eduardo

    1. Later on in Samba
      – “Hold up, Michel, I’m coming.”
    2. “So my friends this is what I have come to tell you!!! The truth is that the MUADIE outside wants to blackmail you he wants you to give him one hundred and fifty thousand kwanzas or he’ll give you up to the police.”
      – “What!!!”
    3. “And can we know why you did us the courtesy of coming here to tell us this?”
      – “Because I want to be free of them. They have imprisoned and enslaved me! It is crazy that this still happens.”
    4. “Yeah it is, but you’re to blame. Son of a bitch, you went from Luanda to Zongolar where we sell our goods!”
      – “It wasn’t like that, sir!”
    5. “Shut up! This is all because of your stupidity! And thanks to your stupidity you are now a prisoner here and you’ll only leave when the dust settles!”
      – “What?!?”
    6. “There’s more: you’re not just gonna sit on your ass here! You’re gonna go get water, replace the gas, clean the floors, and a whole lot more… plenty more, kid.”
    7. “From now on we’re going to follow everywhere you go. Now go tell your friend to come back here tomorrow afternoon!”
      – “Ok, F-Fixe!!”
    8. The next day
    9. Xano and Julia work in her house on the outskirts of the abnormal.
    10. “I definitely can’t keep working like this! I can’t stop thinking about her.”
    11. “If I hadn’t been so stubborn with Quim he never would have run away from home.”
      – “This again?!”
    12. “All you think about is Quim, it really makes me sad to see you like this.”
    13. “Oh! Xano dear… You can’t spend all your time thinking about Quim like this! You’re gonna make yourself sick.”
    14. Later on Jaime and Lurdes are surprised by the unexpected visit from the dealers.
      – “You snoops!”
      – “You’ll learn to not stick your nose where it doesn’t belong.”
    15. – “Mostly you, Miss Lurdes!”
      – “Who the hell are you guys?”
    16. – “Friends of Quim!”
    17. – “I suggest that you never cross paths with that asshole Quim.”
      – “S-suggestion accepted.”

To Be Continued