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Leilo Albano – Ambicão do Zé Povão

“That is right dad! When I grow up, I want to be a deputy to spend the life clapping hands, sleeping, and receiving a lot of money”

Leilo Albano – 31 Anos

“… 31 years ensuring the peace, security and public order… What are you laughing about?!! Do you think I am lying?”

Leilo Albano – As Desculpas do Zé Povão

“What? Another robbery? Well, AH! AAH!! We are without cars… Call again tomorrow!”

Leilo Albano – Faculty

“Being the fifth year disputing for a vacancy without success, we decided to attribute you a diploma of EXCESSIVE PARTICIPATION!!!”

Leilo Albano – What did my wife say?

“Hic… Hic… I don’t remember if my wife told me to drink 1 glass and come back at 20pm or 20 glasses and come back at 1am… Hic…”

Leilo Albano – Mal agradecido

“I gave you self confidence, I fought extreme poverty, I implemented the basic needs program, I brought green revolution… how do you dare to confront me with your spear without a shield?!!!”

Azagaia: Young rapper from Mozambique known from his harsh criticism to the government
Zagaia: spear

Leilo Albano – Políticos Criminosos

“Formerly, posters on the streets with criminal faces used to offer rewards. Today, they request votes!”

Leilo Albano – Impostos e Benefícios

“You spend all your time complaining about the taxes but you forget that all of this is for your own benefit!!”

Leilo Albano

Xiconhoca – Socialism


Newspaper Headings: “Long live the Mozambique Liberation Front’s 3rd Congress!
Congress for Socialism!”

“March Towards Socialism: The People Trust in the 3rd Congress”

Man 1: “Now what will become of us?”

Man 2: “These guys are in crisis. I’ve got to give them the new plans in a hurry!”