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Micky Junior – Development

Mickey Junior - Progress

Panel 1:
Man: In other countries the citizens pay taxes to support development for the good will of the people.
Woman: But here in Tanzania they use guns and batons. Until we come to see development for all the people in the country they will be getting hurt and dying.

Panel 2:
Man: Our development is expensive cars for government servants!
Woman: But the roads won’t be reconditioned until we can request loans or assistance.

Micky Junior – NCCR Towards its Doom!

Micky Junior - NCCR Towards its Doom!

NCCR – National Convention for Construction and Reform (Mageuzi) is a political part in Tanzania.
CCM – Chama cha Mpinduzi is the Tanzania’s ruling party.


Micky Junior – The Youth: A Resource Forgotten?


Darasa Mtaani – Street Class.

Listen to this quote here from Bongo (Tanzania)….Those days of Julius [Nyerere] the father of the nation…”
We have the resources but we are sitting on them…!?” But …I don’t know… did he just forget…?
We have the youth but we are not utilizing them as we should.

Micky Junior – CCM’s Torch

CCM's Torch

CCM: The ruling party in Tanzania
Mwenge: torch
Mbio mbio: faster

Micky Junior – Population and Infrastructure Growth

Population and Infrastructure Growth

Micky Junior – Whose Rights??

Whose Right

Walala hoi- the poor
Wasaga lami- the tarmacking unemployed (hustlers)

Micky Junior – Third World Economies

Third World Economies

Micky Junior – Gender Disparity

gender_pix_10 2

Micky Junior – Street Class

Micky Jr. - The Street Class

Street class

I have a riddle!
Entrance is free but exit is for cash?
Police:Market place!
Big guy right:Hospital!
behind the door: Parliament!
Shield: Keeping watch and Security
Left corner: The stock exchange in Bongo, Tanzania!
Thinking: Mmmh! Mmh! Is it CCM parliament in Dodoma?
Thinking: These untouchables might CCM-ize (kill) us like the way they did to CUF members on 27/01/01. The answer to the riddle is the police station!

CCM: Chama Cha Mapinduzi-Tanzania’s ruling political party

CUF (Chama cha Wananchi) – Civil United Front, a political Party in Tanzania