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Lydia Paul – DRC-SADC Standoff

Lydia Paul - DRC-SADC Standoff

DRC – Twic twic twic… Maybe if you sing for me “Soldier Bye”[a farewell song], I will listen to you!
SADC (Southern Africa Development Community) – But remember the problems that your citizens are encountering.

Lydia Paul – DRC Presidency, A Thorny Seat!

Lydia Paul - DRC's Thorny Presidency Seat for Kabila

So… do you think you will be able to climb that seat!?!
Joseph Kabila – (In hand)  Certificate of the Chief commander of the military
Chair – Presidency

Lydia Paul – Nyerere’s Shoes too Big for Mandela?

Lydia Paul - Nyerere's Shoes too Big for Mandela 

…MH! Since you are the champion of mediation in Africa, do you think that boot will fit your!?!