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Larbi Sebbane- Daash

Better to die in Eid al-Adha than to fall in ISIS hands!

Larbi Sebbane- Crime

(TV) Crime Scene
– Is it only miserable people, that are victims of social and political marginalization, who are cirminals in Moroccan TV.. Where are those criminals who kill millions of people by stealing billions from the public budget?

Larbi Sebbane- Pension Injustuce

– (retired man) 800 Dirhams after 40 years of work
– ( parliament member) 35 thousand Dirhams after few days of election campaign

Larbi Sebbane- Joblessness

Master Degree: 35 years and unemployed
In the past we educate you to work and help us… now we educate you and we work to help you and your children

Larbi Sebbane- Pension Injustice

– 400 Dirhams increase in your pension
– (Retired Woman) It’s too much… add it to the pension of these
– Minister, Parilament Member, Director of a Public Institution

Larbi Sebbane- Public Budget

The crisis of public budget
– Fasten your belt more

Larbi Sebbane- Guaranteed Minimum Income

– Is it true that a person can live with guaranteed minimum income?
– If he is going to live in the twenties of the last century

Larbi Sebbane- Demonstrations

Government, Law, Parliament, Constitution, Demonstrations

Larbi Sebbane- Oppression

Journalists, Human Rights Activists, unemployed, Parliament Members

Larbi Sebbane- Public TV

– Small bribes
– Public TV
– Big Bribes