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Jason Kibiswa – Excerpt of Priez Pour Moi



    Kishasa, Province of Barumbu…
    In the family of Mzee-RADI

    1. “trilululul… -Phone ringing”

    2. “I hope it is him, my God! otherwise…”

    3.  “Daddy there is no more food reserve”

    4. “You are a woman, you need to try your best”

    5. “Good afternoon Daddy, this is Malanga, I’m calling you from Paris.”

Jason Kibiswa – Weight on Artists’ Shoulders


-Systems of the south (poverty; brain drain; rural exodus; genocide; racism; Diotature; war; loss of business; drought; misappropriation; colonization; unemployment; emigration; weak economy) -African artists

Jason Kibiswa – Knowledge Production


The NTIC for culture

Jason Kibiswa – Research Statistics on the Creative Economy in Africa


-Investigators: “We want to know how many art works you have sold this year.” -Gallerist: “I haven’t sold anything this year. You know that the African cultural industry has been in a crisis for decades”