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Titi Faustin – Protest



– “Movement of undocumented migrants”

– “We need proper documentation!”

– “Committee of support to african migrants”

– “Freedom of movement in the subway!”

Titi Faustin – The Cop of Gnasville


The Cop of Gnasville

– “Gnasville, city of the atlantic coast of Africa”

– “Gnaville, police station”

– “Kankou, police officer for twenty years in Gnaville police station, reminisces his career at the eve of his retirement.”

Titi Faustin – Cityscape


Titi Faustin – Men Sitting


Donisen Donald – To Escape justice, Blaise Campaore becomes Ivorian

Pour echapper a la justice Blaise Campaore devient ivoirien

To Escape justice, Blaise Campaore becomes Ivorian (Ivory Coast citizen)


1- “It’s not anymore necessary to try to arrest me. I’m now Ivorian. Ouattara gave me citizenship!”

2-“Since when?!”

3-“And what would that change?!”

Thembo Kash – Ivory Coast: A missed appointment!

Cote d'Ivoire rendez vous manque

Ivory Coast: A missed appointment!


– Democracy City

Bob Kanza – ABCs of Surgery

bob kanza - ABCs of Surgery

Surgeon: “Let’s see, let’s see what we got here… Lesson 3: How to open the lining of the abdomen? Step 1: Take the bistoury; Step 2: Take it vertically and avoid…”

Bob Kanza – Counterfeit

bob kanza - countereit

Victim: “Can I leave now?”
Robber: “No! Wait until my colleague verifies that it is real money!”

Bob Kanza – Cruel World

bob kanza - Cruel World

  1. The world is cruel…
    [Sign: Here lies PATRICE LUMUMBA, January 1961]
    [Container: Container of sulfuric acid]
  2. To convince you…
    Beggar: “I am hungry; I am thirsty…”
    Wealthy man: “That’s nice, but the war effort against Eritrea is more important.”
  3. Look around you…
    [Sign: Search warrant: N361, UN Blue helmets, contact the UN for a big reward]
    Announcer: “Please, stop multiplying that.”

Bob Kanza – Les Américains!

bob kanza - Les Americains

Les Américains: The Americans

  1. Kabul
  2. The Americans!

  4. “Hello!? Hello!? Osama? The Americans…Well, they were serious!”