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Sherif Arafa – Happy Happiness Day

Mohamed Andeel – Enemy Of Country

Dudley Viall – Independence Day

Dudley Viall- Independence Day cartoon

Moniri M’Baé – Voyage?


Moniri M’Baé – Travel?

  • 1.”And the winner of the prize draw is Moniri M’Baé for a round the world”
  • 2.”Wow unbelievable…”
  • wooah yeee I wooon!!”
  • 3.”Ok, I cash you because I have to go”; “I didn’t forget my toothbrush, my ID, and anything necessary”;”I will send you some post card”; “Don’t forget to feed my cat”
  • 4.At the arrival…..”Did you believe that?”; “Money is not a finality to travel. Now for example I’m traveling…”
  • 5.”Adventure is always at the corner”
  • 6.”Think about it; and every personage has a story…. See you soon”
  • Retin – Consultation


    [Sign reads: For all of your marriage, love, luck, promotion, visa, health, children problems…consult your available major saint.]
    – “Wahooo! I know that it’s here that I’ll find my happiness…”
    – “Noooo! Don’t fall into the trap of the charlatan. I know something.”