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Khalid Albaih – Dangerous Kids

Khalid Albaih – Obama oks some US arms to Syrian rebels 3D guns

A.L.O. – Some People Fight…

This is a didactic cartoon. It details some of the ways people take part in democratic processes. First, there are the disruptive and violent people who “fight with guns and machetes”. Second, there are the noise makers (for good or bad reasons). Third, there are those who fight with pens. People in this category could be those who serve as the conscience of the society, or those who use the power in their pen to “fight” for self-interests. And lastly, there are model citizens who have decided that he wants to fight in 2019 by exercising his civic right to vote. Nigeria needs the later more now than ever.

Bethuel Mangena – It Runs In The Family

Doaa El Adi – Speech

Talal Nayer – Dirty Job

Talal Nayer – Terrorist

Fred “Snoggie” Makubuya – African Union


Peter Wankomo – SPLM Power Struggle

Wankomo - SPLM power struggle1

Aimé Razafy – Nord.Sud.

aime razafy - Nord-Sud


  1. “Concerning Aid for the Third Word,
    the wealthier (North) help it to ARM itself”