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Bahgat Osman – Economic Support

Joray – Casas & Casos

Joray - Casas and Casos


Man on left: Oh, no! I’m going to go on a retreat to the Vatican! Who knows? Maybe I’ll take up a religious career! Politics is tiring! Arrivederci!

Woman: Well, as long as you’re being generous, with me, a poor widow, maybe you can reach out your hand a little further. I’m not asking for much: pay my water, electricity, telephone and Internet bills; give me a 50-inch flat screen t.v. with a great sound system; pay my seven children’s tuition; pay for me to go to the hairdresser’s and to get my nails done. . . Oh, and if you can find me a man, that would be great! Boo hoo! Woe is me!

The paper in the woman’s hand: Housing for Everyone

Man on right:Lord in heaven! Give these people a roof over their heads and a dose of both good sense and shame! Amen!