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Ahmed Toughan – I Want To Kill All Of You

Bethuel Mangena – A Bunch Of Cheaters

Warille Benjamin Warille – Stand Aside and Watch


Thembo Kash – Axiom of Professor Kagame


Axiom of Professor Kagame


1998: Axiom of Professor Kagame (The international Community closes its eyes on the repeated invasion of Congo by Kagame).


-Paul Kagame: “The genocidal are Hutu; The former Zaire is populated by Bantu;¬†¬†There exists an obvious link!…”


– NRRROOO, ZZZ! (weariness and sleep of the international community: U.K. France, USA, etc.)



Thembo Kash – FAR EAST

cartoon Thembo

1. “I am a minority… candidate to the genocide…”
2. “The answer is a small position at the head of the army… in the government…”