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Jussie Nsana – La mourincia

Nsana - La mourincia

Laval NG – Cemetery


Woman: “Are you alright?”

Arthis: “Yes, excuse me. It’s just fatigue.”

Woman: “Arthis, this is probably not the place. But I need to tell you that I’m awaiting a baby.”

Man: “We’re all waiting.”

Woman: “I’m leaving now, Arthis.”

Laval NG – Hospital


Stéphane: “Ah!…Gabrielle!…All is well.”

Thoughts: “Stéphane Kusek: ER Doctor. Apparently Single. He has a weakness for my sister..it’s not impossible that this could be reciprocated. I don’t know if she knows that he hides his narcissism behind his title as doctor. Even so, he is nice. Though I think he is a little bit of an alcoholic.”

Gabrielle: “Thank you!…Thank you doctor!” “Everything is alright, Papa. Everything is alright now.”

Adjim “Achou” Danngar – Abouzeid


“I confirm we got him pretty good!”

“I’m outraged!”

Adjim “Achou” Danngar – This is an Apple


This is an apple.

Issa Nyaphaga – World Bank

issa nyaphaga_banquemondial

Issa Nyaphaga – Debates

Issa Nyaphaga_debates














“Fifteen years without a debate!”

what a shame…

Issa Nyaphaga – La Fuite Des Cerveaux

Issa Nyaphanga_la fuite des cerveaux

Brain Drain

“The hunt for brains has just started!”

Jason Kibiswa – Excerpt of Priez Pour Moi



    Kishasa, Province of Barumbu…
    In the family of Mzee-RADI

    1. “trilululul… -Phone ringing”

    2. “I hope it is him, my God! otherwise…”

    3.  “Daddy there is no more food reserve”

    4. “You are a woman, you need to try your best”

    5. “Good afternoon Daddy, this is Malanga, I’m calling you from Paris.”

Koutawa “KHP” Hamed Prislay – Excerpt from Chroniques de Brazzaville

KHP-chroniques de brazzaville