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F. Pozzi – Humph and Bobo

F. Pozzi - Humph and Bobo

Gordon Linley – Surveying the Menu

Gordon Linley- Surveying the Menu cartoon

Kiss Brian Abraham – Women and Agricultural Labour

Kiss Brian Abraham - Women and Agricultural Labour

Dotun Gboyega – Dirty Food Sellers

Dotun Gboyega- Dirty Food Sellers cartoon

EB Asukwo – Tomorrow You Meltdown

EB Asukwo- Tomorrow You Meltdown cartoon

EB Asukwo – Otta Farms

EB Asukwo- Otta Farms cartoon

EG Gitau – Juha Kalulu 5

gitau-juha kalulu kupika

Panel 1: Ah, Seera (woman’s name) left this boiling broth and has forgotten to serve me food.

Panel 2: I’m going to add salt so that the seasoning and taste is so good as to be desirable.

Panel 3:
Cat: meow!
Man: OK, let me taste it first to see if it’s good.

Panel 4: Cat, get out of here. I don’t want to see your face!

Frank Odoi – Food Prices

Frank Odoi cartoon

Mohamed Zwawi – The Celebration


Mohamed Zwawi – Feast

















 “Celebrating the new year the Libyan way!”

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