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Jimga – COVID19 Vaccine Trial

Asukwo – What Is the Diagnosis

Obe Ess – Battle Ready

Obe Ess – Battle Ready

Ahmed Tantawy – Doctors and Pharmacists on Strike

Translation: (Doctors and Pharmacists on Strike). Welcome to the strike. M1- Are you a doctor or a pharmacist? M2- I am a patient.

G.W. Pilkington – What He Needs

G.W. Pilkington - What He Needs

Tony Grogan – Credibility Gap

Tony Grogan- Credibility Gap cartoon

Bob Kanza – ABCs of Surgery

bob kanza - ABCs of Surgery

Surgeon: “Let’s see, let’s see what we got here… Lesson 3: How to open the lining of the abdomen? Step 1: Take the bistoury; Step 2: Take it vertically and avoid…”

Z – Ghannouchi Recovering Tunisia

Ghannouchi persecuting recovering Tunisia

Second Ministerial Reshuffle: Even in small doses, Tunisia can longer stand the Purple!
Doctor: “Only 6 months of treatment! Be nice!…”