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Didier Kassai – Pousse-Pousse: Aux Jeux Africaines

Didier Kassai-Pousse Pousse-2

Rickshaw : At the Africans’ games

Didier Kassai – Rickshaw – T1: The life of a star

Didier Kassai-Pousse pousse

Rickshaw-T1: The life of a star

Didier Kassai – Giraffe

Didier Kassai-giraffe

Didier Kassai – Boum!

Didier Kassai-Boum-La Revue Dessinee


© Didier Kassai for the Comic Magazine

Didier Kassai – Border Checkpoint

Didier Kassai-border-fai_thumb

Didier Kassai – Tchat

Didier Kassai-2013-Tchat


Didier Kassai – A’ Vos Sacs de Sel, Prets…Partez!!

Didier Kassai-2013-On Your bags of salt-get set-go

On your bags of salt, Get set, Go!!


– “Promises: Vegetable oil, soap, salt, sugar”

– “whew! a little more effort and we will be in 2014! I hope I planned everything!”

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